“He Is Very Complete”: Coach Nicolas Massu Enlarges Dominic Thiem’s Capability

Dominic Thiem
Dominic Thiem

Austrian tennis ace Dominic Thiem made a career breakthrough this year with the help of his team. Nicolas Massu, the coach of the US Open champion, delighted with his pupil’s last couple of years performance. 

Having the former Chile Davis Cup team captain as a coach, 27-years-old Austrian has won six titles so far, especially the first Grand Slam at the US Open. 

And while Thiem reached finals at the 2019 French Open and this year Australian Open, he has been ranked as a top-three player in the world by ATP. 

Nicolas Massu
Nicolas Massu

In a recent interview with ADN radio, the 41-years-old Chilean coach appraised his student performance, “The level of consistency Thiem has had in the last two years is spectacular. 2019 finished 4, and it was already difficult to overcome what he had done: he won 5 tournaments in the year, Grand Slam finalist.” 

Dominic Thiem reached the final of the ATP world tour finals for the second consecutive time this year. 

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Speaking about an abnormal season, Nicolas Massu said, “It was super complex to do a better year, and with few tournaments he did it: he finished 3, winning his first Grand Slam and winning on surfaces where previously the results were not the same as on clay.”

“If There Is Anyone Who Can Compete Equally With Them(Big 3), It Is Dominic”: Nicolas Massu 

Dominic Thiem is the second player after Andy Murray to defeat each member of the ‘big 3’(Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic) at least five times. 

Talking about his pupil name in the list of ‘Big 3’, Nicolas Massu emphasized, “If you do what you have to do, you will always have a chance of winning. He is very  complete: he plays well on all surfaces, he has a great serve, forehand, backhand, he moves well.” 

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

Chilean added, “He(Thiem) has the talent to do things much better than you think. It will always be difficult to play against the best in history, but if there is anyone who can compete equally with them(Big 3), it is Dominic. He has the shots, and with that, you depend on you. He is at a perfect age. Being 3 of the world, he has possibilities, like others.”

Talking about Dominic Thiem’s love about the Olympic Games, Coach expressed, “I am pleased that he decided to go to the Olympics. This year he would not have been able to because he was committed to playing Kitzbuhel in 2020.”

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Published : 4:05 PM, Thu, 10 December 2020

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