“I Love Sport”: Andy Murray Reveals What He Wants To Do After Retiring From Tennis

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Former World No.1 Andy Murray is not ready to hang his racquet at this moment, but he revealed his interest in sports and planned to become a golf caddie or a football coach once he retires from tennis. 

Three-time Grand Slam underwent hip replacement surgery in 2019. Since then, he has been struggling to find his form. Simultaneously, Murray is working harder on himself and utilising every single opportunity. 

However, the 33-year-old from Glasgow has decided to involve in sports till the end of his life.  

Andy Murray

Andy Murray

“I love sport, so something that would interest me would be working in another sport. I really like golf, so being a caddie, for example, on the golf tour would be something I would find exciting.” Murray told the Gentleman’s Journal.

46-time tour-level title winner continued, “To be up close and personal to top golfers – and to learn about another sport like that – and maybe there’s some crossover between the two sports from the mental side and things, and so you might be able to help a golfer.”

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“Or getting your coaching badges in football – that’s something that would be fun to do. It’s a great social sport that people can play through until their 70s – it’s something you can play for life,” he added. 

The UK Needs To Capitalise On More Of Club Culture says Andy Murray

Two-time Wimbledon champion also stressed that the United Kingdom needs to develop a club culture like France and Spain. 

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Murray explained, “That’s the thing that the UK needs to capitalise on more of club culture. They have that over in France and Spain a lot, where people can go down and hang out at the tennis club – play some tennis and have their lunch there. Not really the case in the UK. And that’s something I wish was a bit different.”

Nevertheless, Andy Murray recently withdrew from the Miami Open due to a groin injury.

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Published : 2:37 AM, Tue, 30 March 2021

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