“It Would Be A Shame”: Andy Murray Talks About He Will Not Be Able To Stay With His Family During Wimbledon 2021

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Last year, Wimbledon was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But, this year’s event will begin on 28th June. To protect the attendees, the All England Club will be implementing a set of safety rules. According to that, the two-time champion Andy Murray will be required to stay in a hotel with the rest of the participants, but his home is a short drive distance from SW19.

When speaking about this topic in a recent interview, Murray said, “Obviously, I would way rather not be staying in a hotel. It would be a shame but, if that’s what we’ve got to do to keep everyone safe, then that’s what we’ll do.”

“If you look at what the schedule is, and you have to go into a bubble at Queen’s potentially. We’ve been told that the ticketing for Wimbledon is going to be vastly reduced for the players for the family.”

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“It would be very odd playing at Wimbledon without not just being able to see your family and stuff, but not having them there to support in the matches as well.”

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

“That’s the time we’re living in. Hopefully, if we keep going with the vaccinations, there’ll be a possibility for potential family members and friends that have been vaccinated to come in and get tickets and come to support. If not, that’s what it will have to be this year.”

Andy Murray Hopes Wimbledon 2021 Will Be Played With Significant Number of Crowds

Murray has always liked to play in front of home supporters. But, Wimbledon has not yet decided the number of spectators of this year’s event and will announce a few days before the tournament inaugural.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Andy Murray further added, “For me, it would make a huge difference. Hopefully, we can get some good crowds in. We’ve heard 30 per cent, but I don’t know if that’s 30 percent of their usual capacity, but they’ll be allowed to have Centre Court and Court One full. So we’ll see.”

“At the beginning, I didn’t miss it (crowds) that much. I was just pumped to be competing again. But, as the weeks go on, that’s kind of what you play for, to play in front of big crowds and play in great atmospheres. It’s something that I’ve definitely missed.”

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Published : 2:34 PM, Mon, 26 April 2021

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