“No-Brainer To Me”: Andy Murray Urges Fellow Players To Accept Tennis’ COVID-19 Rules

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Several tennis players still have concerns over COVID-19 bubble life in the men’s tennis world. There also has been a debate between players over getting the Coronavirus vaccine. However, the former World No.1 Andy Murray understood the status quo and urged his fellow players to support getting rid of the giant virus from the world. 

“It isn’t that much fun going and staying in the bubbles. In Miami, for example, you look out of the window and the whole city’s completely open but the players are obviously in the bubble. I can appreciate from the players’ perspective that that can be frustrating,” Andy Murray said in a recent interview. 

“If you want to avoid having to be in a bubble for too long, you need to then support the vaccination”, say Andy Murray

Three-time Grand Slam champion continued, “And because it’s been going on for a while, it’s a bit tiring. And I know for some of the Aussie players, they’re looking at nine or 10 months away from home because if they go home they have to do two weeks in a hotel.”

“So I appreciate all that, that it is difficult. But, at the same time, seeing 60,000 people died in Brazil last month because of coronavirus if this is what we have to do to be able to continue to do our jobs and to give the tournaments some security (then so be it).”

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“If they opened up in Miami, it was spring break, I saw what was going on there in the city with tons of people coming in from around the country, partying and the city’s open, and then a bunch of the players started testing positive, that’s difficult for the tournament as well.”

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

“It’s very uncertain for them as well. Right now it’s the best way to keep the tournaments safe, and players and the members of staff safe as well.”

“If you want to avoid having to be in a bubble for too long, you need to then support the vaccination, because you can’t just say, ‘No we want to just live normally and we don’t want any bubbles but we also don’t want to be vaccinated’. It’s a no-brainer to me.”

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Published : 12:29 PM, Mon, 26 April 2021

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