“Stress Fell Away”: Roger Federer Shares Experience of Spending Time With His Family During The Lockdown and Recovery

Roger Federer and Mirka
Roger Federer and Mirka

Former World No.1 Roger Federer finished the 2020 season with a major semifinal appearance due to a right knee injury. Simultaneously, the 20-time Grand slam champion revealed that he gained new experience as a family man during the recovery period. 

The 39-years-old Swiss has been on the ATP tour since 1998. In 2009, Federer married his compatriot Mirka, who retired from professional tennis in 2002 due to a persistent foot injury.    

Mirka gave birth to identical twins in 2009 and 2014. Having four children, Roger has not had enough time to spend with them due to a busy schedule. 

Roger Federer and His Children
Roger Federer and His Children

There is sufficient time to live together with his family because of lockdown and injury while RF has fulfilled his children’s small dreams even as a car driver. 

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“It Was Nice To Live Normally As A Family For Once”: Roger Federer

Whereas Federer has said that he is one step closer to hanging his racquet, he was questioned in a recent interview – Are you foreseeing 2020 as a sort of foretaste of everyday life? 

“Well, I already experienced that in 2016 when I was mostly at home after knee surgery. I have to say: this year went by as quickly as one on tour. What was new for us was that we were finally in one place.”, Roger said

Roger Federer and His Daughter
Roger Federer and His Daughter

World No.5 continued, “We were able to make plans: what do we do this Wednesday, what next? And then there were always new situations and rules to which we had to adapt, that was something completely new. We are still together as a family, whether on tour or not, but the stress fell away.” 

“Daddy still has a match” or “Don’t be too loud in the morning because Daddy didn’t go to bed until three in the morning after a match”. It was nice to live normally as a family for once”, the father of four concluded. 

Even though Roger Federer has decided to skip the Australian Open 2021, he is now practising on the court, which seems like he will be on tour anytime.

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Published : 12:54 PM, Mon, 28 December 2020

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