“Will Be A Tragedy For Our Sport”: Wimbledon Reigning Simona Halep on Roger Federer’s Retirement

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

At this moment, the former World No.1 Roger Federer is preparing for his comeback. The expectation is that Swiss Maestro will be in the tour before the 2021 Australian Open. Nevertheless, WTA No.2 Simona Halep revealed that Federer’s retirement would be a tragedy for tennis. 

In a recent interview, Romanian tennis star Simona Halep said that Roger has done many achievements in his life and if he retired at the 40-years-old, it would not affect him. At the same time, Wimbledon reigning emphasised that the tennis world will miss him a lot. 

Simona Halep and Roger Federer
Simona Halep and Roger Federer

“It would be no tragedy to retire at 40, you being Federer. It will be a tragedy, with the necessary quotes, for our sport, for his colleagues, we will miss him very much.”, the 29-years-old added. 

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“Roger Federer Was An Idol For Our Whole Generation”, says Simona Halep 

The 20-time Grand Slam is known for his humility, kindness, generosity and great sense of humour in the tennis world. Halep also praised Roger Federer for his on and off court personality.  

Simona Halep
Simona Halep

Romanian continued, “He was an idol for our whole generation, a beauty on the field and off the field, a very civilised man, with good sense, warm with everyone.” 

Halep also explained that life is not only about playing tennis, and it is more than that. 

“From my point of view, a genius would be sad enough for the sport for Federer to disappear, but I think that when he decides this, it will be a wise decision. Life means something other than tennis, he is old and what he has achieved is enormous.”, the 2018 French Open champion concluded. 

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Published : 12:32 PM, Sun, 27 December 2020

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