“Being ‘Not Racist’ Is Not Enough, We Have To Be Anti-Racist.”- Naomi Osaka Writes A Heartfelt Tribute To George Floyd

Naomi Osaka

Former World Number one Naomi Osaka makes herself ready to compete in the upcoming tennis tours after the Coronovirus pandemic hiatus. Meanwhile, Osaka wrote a heartfelt tribute to George Floyd, who lost his life in police custody at the Minneapolis. 

A Haiti and Japan tennis player Naomi Osaka wholeheartedly supported all justice protests against the death of George Floyd. Recently, Osaka wrote an article about the racial injustice on Esquire magazine’s website. In that piece, she shared her opinion on racism, injustice in society, and turmoil across the world. Besides, She wrote “Being ‘not racist’ is not enough. We have to be anti-racist.”

“Today’s protests have momentum and promise, “This time, there is a different energy. Different faces are involved in the movement. It’s gone global—from Oslo to Osaka, from Tallahassee to Tokyo, protests have included people of all races and ethnicities. There were even Black Lives Matter marches in Japan–something many of us would never have expected or imagined possible.” wrote two time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka.

Naomi Osaka

What can I do to make this world a better place for my children?- Naomi Osaka

Recently, Naomi Osaka shared several photos of protests in social media with the hashtag of Justice for George Floyd. Moreover, Naomi’s sister Mari Osaka wrote her own letter to Naomi Osaka.

Mari Osaka said, “You taught me to never give up. You get in some really bad situations sometimes, and then you put on your game face and just grind through it. You don’t give up at all. Even if you complain, you’ll always be pushing through it.”

Naomi Osaka

World Number ten Naomi Osaka also wrote about what is thought on her mind after she took part in a protest at Minneapolis. Followed by protests, Osaka remained active in social media.

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“When I came back to Los Angeles, I signed petitions, I protested, and I donated, like many of us,” she said. “But I kept asking myself what can I do to make this world a better place for my children? I decided it was time to speak up about systemic racism and police brutality” wrote Naomi Osaka.

Published : 10:17 AM, Fri, 3 July 2020

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