“Don’t Say You Can Win Just Because You Are A Boy And I Am A Girl”- Coco Gauff Replies To A Sexist Comment On TikTok

Coco Gauff

American professional tennis player Coco Gauff replies to a sexist comment on TikTok. Someone commented on TikTok that she couldn’t beat a male player because she is a girl.  While Coco has already amazed everyone with her play, some people do not find her good enough just because she is a girl.

Additionally, the 16-year-old is famous for speaking openly about social issues. After already proving her talent, she is making the world aware that it is about your talent and hard work. And that if you are better than someone in the game, it is because of your skill, and not your gender.

Coco Gauff

She said, ” If you are a real athlete, then you can understand it.”  This reply came after someone commented that Coco Gauff could not beat a male player just because she is a girl. The comment read, “Bro what you do not understand is that she plays girls tennis. He plays boys tennis. The skill gap is immeasurable. A pro-girl wouldn’t even win boys states.”

Coco Gauff Speaks Against Sexism And Responds To The Critics

In reply to this, the American said, “If you think you are better than me just because you are a boy. And I am a girl. That does not make any sense.” Further, she added, “If you could say that you can beat me because you think your skill level is better, I respect that. We could go out there and compete. But don’t say that because I am a girl.”

Coco Gauff

While she has her answers ready for any unwanted comments coming her way, Coco Gauff has all her eyes on tennis matches. She is competing in the Top Seed Open in Lexington, Kentucky. While the match continued for three long hours, Coco defeated her opponent. She won it against Aryna Sabalenka by 7-6,4-6,6-4. She will now play the quarterfinals. 

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We congratulate Coco Gauff for the win. And wish her all the best for the next stage. Let’s go, Coco!

Published : 8:56 AM, Thu, 13 August 2020

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