Good News For US Open 2020 As New York Registers Zero Deaths On Saturday

New York, US Open

US Open 2020 more likely to happen as New York registered no death on Saturday. There is finally some happy news for all tennis fans all around the world. The United States has seen bad times due to the Coronavirus pandemic since the last three odd months.

Additionally, New York has the worst affected city in the country. However, thanks to some good steps and policies, the local government of New York has been successful in improving the death figure on Saturday. The city recorded zero deaths on the same day.

New York, US Open

It is amazing news for tennis lovers and players. Besides the US Open 2020, the Western, as well as the Southern Open, will also take place in New York itself. The news is encouraging and the possibility of the event being organized increases.

“It’s Like Being On A Merry-Go-Round”- New York Governor

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York said, “You’re going to see our numbers and the Northeast numbers probably start to increase because the virus that you see now in the South and the West, California has real trouble, it’s going to come back here. It’s like being on a merry- go- round. It is totally predictable. And we are going to go through an increase. I can feel it coming. And it is so unnecessary and cruel.”

New York, US Open

While some players are looking to make a comeback, some have also expressed uncomfortably in playing the Flushing Meadows Grand Slam event this year. 

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Also, the tournament can take place if the New Yorkers are successful in creating a bubble around it. However, the future is still not known and is unpredictable. Although, The US Open 2020 has scheduled to begin on August 31st at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows, New York.

Published : 1:11 PM, Mon, 13 July 2020

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