“I Still Have A Big Smile Behind My Mask”: Alexander Zverev Keeps Himself Motivated Despite Allegation

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev has been in the news recently for both good and bad reasons. The German while is having a great time on the tennis court, his life off the court is currently not so great. Besides, the German is under a lot of critic from the press.

Recently there were allegations on him regarding domestic abuse. Moreover, it was his ex-girlfriend who put on these charges. Hence, the 23-years-old tennis star is facing severe fire from the critics. 

But the world number seven is in no mood to let this affect his life. Additionally, Zverev yesterday lost to the Russian, Daniil Medvedev in the finals of the Paris Masters 1000. After winning the first set by 7-5, the German could not hold onto this lead. He finally was defeated by 5-7, 6-4, 6-1.

Alexander Zverev

However, in the awards ceremony, the German was all confident. And he sent a heartfelt message to the whole tennis world. Zverev said, “There are many people who try to remove the smile from my face.” Besides, he also added, “But I still have a big smile behind my mask.”

“Everything Is Going Well In My Life”- Alexander Zverev

Moreover, Zverev is having fun on the court. And German said that he is having a fantastic time on the pitch. Zverev said, “I have people I love around me. I will probably be a father soon. Everything is going well in my life.”

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev did not at all shy away from sharing his thoughts in the ceremony. He added that people could try to affect him. But he is not going to get worried about that. Instead, Zverev said, “I am still smiling.” 

Popularly known as Sascha, Zverev was disappointed with the news flashing his name due to the wrong reasons. However, the German has shown that he is not going to affect his game by the things going on in his life outside the tennis court.

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Published : 9:51 AM, Mon, 9 November 2020

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