“It Was Very Difficult”- Naomi Osaka after Her First Round Win Against Misaki Doi at US Open 2020

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka didn’t have it easy in the first round at the flushing meadows, She defeated compatriot Misaki Doi by 6-2 7-5 6-2. Naomi Osaka admitted that while she won the match, it didn’t turn out as easy as she could wish for.

Looking back at the match, Naomi Osaka said in a post-match interview, “It was very difficult.  I knew there was a chance it could get really long. I just have to see what happens tomorrow and how I feel.”

Besides, Naomi Osaka was coming back from a hamstring injury that she suffered during the Western and Southern Open which concluded just recently. However, Osaka didn’t step back from criticizing herself, despite the win. 

Naomi Osaka

She said, “I felt like my ball toss could have been better, but it did what it needed to do on the very important points, so I can’t be that mad. I still have to practice.”

“She Is Very Unpredictable”- Naomi Osaka On Her Next Round Opponent

Now, Naomi Osaka will fight it against Camila Giorgi, who she has played against before. She said, “I have played her before. She’s very unpredictable for me. I just have to be on my toes.”

Naomi Osaka

Talking about her physical health and injury, Naomi Osaka said, “Yeah physically I feel like I could be better. But I cannot complain as I won the match. For me, it is somewhat interesting. I feel like every Grand Slam I play is a different story. I feel it is just a matter of going through it. Besides, I am just going to see what happens, yeah.”

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Besides, Naomi Osaka also answered the question of the formation of a new men’s professional players association. She said, “You know how my brain works. I take it one event at a time. Honestly, I saw Djokovic posting a picture. But I did not really think about it much. I guess I am going to scroll back, scroll where the picture was. Then maybe I will answer it for you.”

Published : 2:09 PM, Tue, 1 September 2020

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