“More Prepared Than Before”: Rafael Nadal Confident Ahead Of Rolex Paris Masters 2020

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is all set for his match against the fellow Spaniard Lopez, and he seems nothing but excited. Earlier, the past performances at hard indoor surfaces have not been that great for Rafael. He has only won one tournament which was fifteen years ago in Madrid.

However, after his fantastic win at Roland Garros, experts are optimistic towards Rafa’s outlook and so is Nadal for his performance. He’s positive in all sorts.

Rafael Nadal

“I can win or lose, but today I’m more prepared than before to play on this surface. Before it’s not that I wasn’t playing well, it was that it was a more difficult area where my rivals were playing at a high level.”, Rafael Nadal commented while he is clarifying his previous defeats.

“I am Fine With Force”: Rafael Nadal  

Further, Rafa continued talking about his bad experience at this particular surface and why he couldn’t win despite all the hard work.“I have often arrived with physical problems. The two things together were difficult: I was not good enough on this surface to have a better chance of success, and in the latter part of the season I was reaching the limits of my strength.” he continued.

Rafael Nadal

Well now, according to Rafael, he’s entirely well physically and mentally. He and his team decided to stay in the competition and see how it goes.“All the factors go into making decisions, and this is the one we took because we think it can work better.” He added. 

Additionally, concluding his statements, he said, “Now the situation is different. I am fine with force. We’ll see if I’m good enough now or not.” It’ll be exciting to see Nadal playing with such high hopes and positivity. After all, who doesn’t want to see a 20 time Grand Slam Champion winning once again!

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Published : 11:51 AM, Tue, 3 November 2020

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