“Nadal Was A Child Prodigy”: Coach Reveals He Was Fascinated By the 12-year-old Rafa


Francisco ‘Francis’ Roig Genis, one of the greats in tennis doubles, acts as the alternative coach for Rafael Nadal. Additionally, the former player is also a Spanish legend, the same as Nadal. Besides, he was also an integral tennis player during the ’90s and was one of the best teams in doubles, ranking under the top 20.

Francis, who also acts as an alternative coach for Nadal, talked about him. And he said that the 20 times Grand Slam winner was just 12 when he first saw him. Besides, he also added that only by seeing him play at that young age, he thought he is something “special”. 


He said, “From the beginning, I understood that this was not normal.” Talking more about this experience, he added, “I was a playing a children’s tournament at RCTB.” Moreover, Francis was very much fascinated by the 12-year-old Nadal.

”You Do Not See Boys Like That”- Francis On Nadal

Reminiscing the old moments, the Spaniard said about Nadal, “You do not see boys like that. That ability to concentrate, playing all the points. Rafa had all the components in him. He was a different child altogether.”

The former Spanish player continued and said that the young Nadal was impressive and used to beat players who were much older than him. He added, “Nadal was a child prodigy.”


Besides this, Francis also talked about Nadal’s present scenario and what the future holds for the “child prodigy”. He said, “The issue is always about the present. We found out the statistics from the press. But when you go and play a final, you do not think about the records. You do not think that you will equal Roger Federer’s 20 Grand Slam records.”

Adding to this, he said that all that you think is about Roland Garros and the final match. And one only wants to be happy. He said, “And man, Rafa is happy even when he wins a 250 tournament. And that is what keeps him going.”

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Published : 10:51 AM, Mon, 26 October 2020

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