“No Fans, No Problem”-Karolina Pliskova snubs Roger Federer Opinion

Karolina Pliskova

Former world number one Karolina Pliskova opposed the tennis legend Roger Federer’s view on playing tennis in stadiums of full fans. However, The Czech tennis sensation Karolina Pliskova would ready to play tennis without fans.

Coronavirus affected the sports world very badly. However, the tennis world hopes the tour will be resume in August. Meanwhile, Europe and the United States are severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In these places resuming the sports events is not easy. For this reason, some tennis officials give the idea of holding the event in closed doors.

But these ideas were opposed by none other than tennis legend Roger Federer. He said that tennis only returns when fans fill the stadium. But Karolina Pliskova and some other tennis players disagree with his statement.

Karolina Pliskova

“Maybe Roger, he never experienced that, but I think me and the girls overall have had the experience of nobody in the stands. I know for Roger for sure it has to be different thinking than for me, but I would definitely choose to play.”

It’s better to play some matches than not play anything”- Karolina Pliskova

Ace-Queen Karolina also said that if the US Open held without fans, we all WTA Tour players would have no problem with that. Because in regular Grand Slam and Masters tournaments Women’s Match attracts very few spectators. We are all used to it.

Karolina Pliskova

“No matter how or what the conditions, it’s better to play some matches than not play anything. If you have the chance to play a prime-time match, so there’s a lot of people and the atmosphere is great, it’s much better. But we can have matches where there is nobody, so I think it’s not that it would never happen.”

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She also indirectly said that in tournament major prime time slots all are given only to men’s matches. And every WTA player in their career played one of the matches in empty stands. In recent days only Grand slam women’s singles, final matches only get good viewers on TV. 

Published : 6:40 PM, Thu, 4 June 2020

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