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The 22-year old Japanese, Naomi Osaka is the current highest-paid female athlete as per the Forbes. The former world number 1 has earned a record US $37.4 million in the last year. She overcame the record of Russian, Maria Sharapova, who was able to earn the US $29.7 in the year 2015.

Yonex is currently the tennis racket sponsor for Osaka and has been for the last 10 years. Apart from this, she also endorsed an American management firm, named IMG. Additionally, the 2 time Grand Slam winner also has many endorsement contracts with Nissan Motors, a famous Japanese automobile giant and with Citizen Watch. Naomi turned into a professional athlete from an early age of 13 years and has not looked back since then.

Besides, the Japanese also have a contract with one of the biggest companies, Nike since 2019. Additionally, she is able to earn $10 million per year from this contract. Meanwhile, the other advantage of Nike is an exemption that allows Osaka to sport the logos of other firms.

Additionally, Osaka along with Nike also posts the logo of the Japanese most famous instant noodles company, Nissin. Besides, she also sponsors the logos of All Nippon Airways (ANA) on her clothing, providing space for Mastercard on her headwear.
Currently the world number 10, Naomi is the brand ambassador for Mastercard from 2019. Besides, she also has contracts with big names such as Nissin Foods, cosmetic firm, Shiseido, broadcasting station, Wowow.

Moreover, she also has contracts with All Nippon Airways (ANA), an airline company, Bareminerals, Bodyarmor, Hyperice, Melco, and Morinaga. Adding to her feather, she also has equity stakes in three of these companies- Bodyarmor, Hyperice, and Muzic.

The 29th richest athlete in the world, Naomi is a tennis sensation already. Winning the US Open against Serena in the year 2018 has increased her brand value massively Additionally, as of now, Osaka has 15 endorsement partners and almost all are worth seven figures annually.

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