“Tennis Changed My Life”: Simona Halep Reveals Key Secret To Success

Simona Halep

Simona Halep is one of the most successful players in the women tennis circuit in recent days. Romanian won her first Grand Slam title at 2018 French Open, while She became the champion at Wimbledon in 2019. Eventually, Halep revealed a key secret to success. 

In a recent conversion with behind the racquet, former world number one Simona Halep shared her career experiences. Even though Simona Halep reached five Grand Slam finals in her professional tennis career, the 2014 Roland Garros final can never be unforgettable in her life.  

Simona Halep

Reminiscing her first Grand Slam final appearance, Halep expressed, “In 2014, tennis changed my life. I played in my first Grand Slam final at the French Open. No one in Romania had reached a Grand Slam final since 1978. Emotions exploded, and everyone had high hope for my future.”

And also Simona stated after played first Grand Slam final at French Open she became the famous person in the overnight and fans began to believe she could win a Grand Slam title. She continued, “People recognised me on the streets and asked for pictures and autographs. This was a big change and was tough to manage, but I learned many things during this time.”

Simona Halep

If someone wants to be successful in their whole life or career, they should avoid distractions and stay focused. Halep added, “I tried to enjoy the attention, but it was stressful because it took a lot of energy. I did not want to lose focus on my career. I tried to find a balance. And I was generous and open with fans but stayed focused on hard work needed to earn results on the court.”

“I Have Never Been Scared Of Failure”: Simona Halep

Simona Halep is feeling motivated and improve herself every day since she knew she could keep winning on the court. Romanian also explained she has learned how to deal with both negative and positive aspects of pressure over the past few years. 

Simona Halep

Besides, She confessed, “I embrace pressure after a big win. I face the pressure and try not to base my tennis life on success. I want to win matches and tournaments, but I have learned you do not have to put success first.”

Talking about her success mantra, Halep stressed, “The most important thing is hard work. If you give one hundred percent, you have no cause for regret. I have never been scared of failure. If you do not succeed, you were not good enough, so you must work harder.

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Published : 5:14 AM, Fri, 13 November 2020

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