“Tennis Is A Very Expensive Sport”- Simona Halep Reveals Her First Investment

Simona Halep

Former World No.1 Simona Halep knows how hard is the road to success. 2013 so far, Romanian’s major tournament record was not so impressive. Following 2014 her tennis career took a different route. Simona overcame herself until reaching success in professional tennis.

Recently She took part in a BT Talks Podcast, in that program she revealed that her expenses for the first prize money. Simona Halep asked about how did you spend the first prize money from tennis?

“I didn’t take a car or an expensive house. I bought a small apartment to have money and invest myself. Tennis is a very expensive sport. You have to invest, take risks and nobody guarantees you anything.” Simona Halep said.

Simona Halep

In her 14 years of professional tennis career, she won US$ 36,551,855 as prize money. Most of her money was invested in hotels, restaurants, and real estate. She is cooperating with his family, her father Stere Halep, and brother Nicu also maintaining the Halep business ventures. Simona Halep already owns the four-star hotel in Romania. In her native city, she invested huge money in corporate buildings.

“My Father never imagined I will reach the top” – Simona Halep

Simona Halep, who won 20 WTA Tour titles in her 14-year career, said that father Stere never imagined that I would reach the top in tennis. “I am not saying that I achieved everything. But with some instinct, I have been successful. I really don’t think I’ve ever thought about it, despite the difficult times.”

Simona Halep

Two-times Grand Slam Champion Halep expressed that “In two months lockdown learned so many things. I also realized that in the last 6 years I was in full isolation. I learned that something to develop other than tennis. At present, I am happy without tennis.”

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In 2020, Simona reached until semifinals at the Australian Open. And also Halep won her 20th Singles titles at the Dubai Duty-free tennis championships.

Published : 5:19 PM, Fri, 5 June 2020

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