Venus Williams Faces Fan Outrage For Silence On George Floyd’s Death

Venus Williams

Silence is said to be the answer to everything. However, sometimes silence turns into our weakness. American tennis star Venus Williams is still soundless on the killing of a black man in Minneapolis. Protests aroused across the United States to provide justice for George Floyd’s death. People from various communities hand in hand at the Justice protest rally.

Protests have been intensifying day by day on the hashtag of “Black Lives Matters” on social networks. However, the seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams cope up Black Lives matter in a silent mode. On her social media pages, there is not a single post that has ever opposed Floyd’s death. The protests by African-American communities over the years have already been overwhelmingly supportive in the United States.

Venus Williams

On the other hand, Venus’s younger sister Serena Williams keeps track of every step of the protests and sharing them on social media pages. And also, Venus brother in law, Alexis Ohanian has stepped down his board member position in the Reddit. At the same time, Ohanian has been demanding that the position will be filled by a black man.

Unknown Silence of Venus Williams

Despite all their surroundings, only 39-year-old Venus Williams has never spoken about it. For the same reason, she has also been the subject of some fan outrage. A tennis journalist posted tweets expressing outrage at Venus Williams on her social media account. In the meantime, Venus posted a post on his Instagram account about the sponsorship, sprinkling salt on the wound. Fans said that Venus, this attitude is not appropriate when the country is burning.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams’ silence over the death of the black man has caused everyone’s outrage. But the cause of her silence is still unknown.

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A fan who has been outraged about this, “you are not standing up for help when our entire community is in trouble. Because of that, I unfollow you” wrote in her social media account.

Published : 6:28 PM, Sat, 6 June 2020

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