“Women’s tennis continues to be great”- Serena Williams Trusts Young Players

Serena Williams with young players

American Sports Star Serena Williams is one the greatest player in tennis history. Apart from playing Serena never missed supporting young players in both on and off courts as well. For this reason, Williams became a role model for young aspiring athletes everywhere. Former world number one Serena Williams predicts the women’s tennis has a great future.

In a recent interview with, Serena Williams asked about women’s tennis future.“Women’s tennis is arguably the most prominent women’s sport in the world, what needs to happen for the game to continue to grow?” 

Serena answered, “I think the game is growing well. Some so many amazing young players are going to grow the game even bigger. Women’s tennis is doing very well. It will be interesting to see what happens to all of tennis. Even after the pandemic will everyone be even more interested and miss tennis and being around tennis? Women’s tennis continues to be great.”

Serena Williams with young players

“I want to be helpful”- Serena Williams loves to help others

Serena Williams turned as a professional tennis player in October 1995. American made her Grand Slam breakthrough at US Open 1999 as a 17-year-old. She has played against different ages of tennis and nurtured her game accordingly. Beginning from Legend Stefi Graf to Rising star Bianca Andreescu.   

During the same interview, Serena asked about her experiences in the 2020 Fed Cup tours.“At Fed Cup in early 2020 you called yourself the ‘ultimate veteran,’ how much involvement do you have or want to have in helping younger Americans along on the tour?”

Serena Williams with young players

Serena  Answered, “That is interesting. I want to be helpful and that is the whole thing for me, helping young women and young tennis players come into themselves and enjoy (themselves). I think they are learning now that there is more to life outside tennis. It is not just about playing tennis, it is about being the best person and a great competitor on and off the court and hard-working all trickles to other things you do in your life”

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Published : 7:50 PM, Tue, 2 June 2020

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