“She Fights To The Last Drop To Win”: Coach Darren Cahill Overjoyed To Reunite With Simona Halep

Darren Cahill and Simona Halep
Darren Cahill and Simona Halep

Having worked with several top players, Darren Cahill began coaching Simona Halep in 2016. More than four years with the former Australian professional, Romanian ace has achieved many things in her career. However, the 55-years-old coach admits he is more famous and glad in Romania than in his birthplace.

With coach Cahill’s help, Halep finished the two seasons as a No.1 player globally, reached the three Grand Slam finals and ultimately won her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 French Open.

Ahead of the upcoming Australian Open swing, World No.2 Simona Halep and her team recently arrived in Adelaide, where she reunited with coach Darren Cahill after more than three months.  

According to Australian Open Coronavirus guidelines, Darren Cahill has been under 14 days of quarantine with Simona Halep and the rest of team members. 

Meanwhile, Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi’s former coach made a magnificent statement about his current student none other than two-time Grand Slam Champion Simona Halep. 

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“Simona has not been out of the Top 5 in the last 5-6 years. For a player of her height, who does not have an important weapon, to stay here and continue to win, is something commendable. It’s not easy at all,” Darren Cahill said in a recent interview. 

Simona Halep and Darren Cahill
Simona Halep and Darren Cahill

“You see many players who have a good year or two and then go down because it’s tough to resist at this level physically. But Simona did not do that, she continued to win, and she hates to lose. She gets angry when she loses; for this reason, She fights to the last drop to win”, Australian coach added. 

“I am a More Prominent Name In Romania Than In Australia”, says Darren Cahill

Halep made her nation proud on several occasions as a tennis player. As a result, the 29-years-old is considerably one of the best athletes in Romania sports history. 

Darren Cahill
Darren Cahill

While Simona is very famous in her country because of her racquet sports achievements, coach Cahill became a familiar person in Romania because of his pupil.  

Cahill continued, “I am a more prominent name in Romania than in Australia. In Australia, I am Jack’s son (not a former important Australian football player), but I am much happier than in Romania. I am Simona’s coach.”(Quotes translated into English via Google translator). 

However, Simona Halep pays her coach Darren Cahill nearly one million dollars per year as a salary for his worldwide familiarity and experience. 

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Published : 7:13 PM, Fri, 15 January 2021

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